Mr. Patterson's Blog

It's just like Facebook except it's boring, full of homework assignments and no fun to visit. Enjoy.

Welcome Students of Mr. Patterson

Hello Lucky Student,

Congratulations! You have been lucky enough to have Mr. Patterson (Me) as your teacher in either English, Drama or Media Studies! I know I’d be thrilled if I got to be in my class.

To make this year a little easier, I have created this blog. “But how,” you are most certainly asking yourselves, “can I make good use of this electronic learning tool that Mr. Patterson has so kindly provided?” That’s an excellent question.

This site is here…

  • To help you keep track of due dates, download assignments and keep yourself organized
  • To keep you from asking me for the same handouts over and over
  • So your parents can know what you’re up to in class (I bet you love that one)
  • To eliminate “I didn’t know it was due today” or “I lost the handout” as excuses for not getting work done.

This site is not a substitution for class. You cannot miss class and assume a quick visit here will make up for lost time. I don’t post class notes or lesson plans here. Make sure to come and see me when you miss a class.

Goodnight and Good Luck,


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