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Story Answers and Journals

Hey Younglings,

Today we took up the questions from “Lamb to the Slaughter”. Make sure not to lose them. Information from those sheets may come up again on the quiz in a few weeks.

Today we did our first journal entry. All journals must be 3/4 to a full page in lenght, single spaced. I will provide serveral questions as jumping off points but you don’t have to answer each one. If you can write a page on simply one of the question, that’s fine. You can write in pen or pencil but make sure it’s neat. Spelling counts so double check your work.

Journal Entry 1: Honesty

  • Are you an honest person?
  • Is it ever right to lie?
  • What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told?
  • Have you ever been caught in a lie?

A reminder: I won’t collect your journals that often or check them the following class. I collect only a few times a term. Be careful not to fall behind on them.

Good Luck,



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