Speech Assignment and Upcoming classes

Hey Gang,

So today we read through peoples practice arguments and talked a bit about them.

After that,  I took you through the unit ending assignment. The assignment will ulitmately consist of three things:

  • An outline sheet
  • A typed speech
  • The presentation of that speech with some kind of sensory element.

In case you lose them, here are both the assignment and the outline sheeet.

Persuasive Speech Final

New Persuasive Outline

I gave the remainder of the class to get started on the outline sheet. I also took the class through the shedule for the next two weeks.  They will be as follows:

  • Friday 24th– Class Debate
  • Tuesday 28th and Thursday the 30th – Computer Lab 313 for research and typing up the speech
  • Monday Oct 4th and Wednesday October 6th – Watching film “Thank you for Smoking” and working on a related journal entry.
  • Friday Oct 8th – Prsentation of Speeches

That’s the plan. Good luck and work hard.


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