Magazine Ad Assignment

Hey Jerkatoids,

You have been given your first slightly larger assignment: The Magazine Ad Deconstruction. I gave instructions in class on what to do but here it is again just in case you forgot.

1. Find an ad from a magazine.

2. Use the assignment sheet outline and guiding questions on the back of the sheet to make observations in point form about the text, audience, and production elements of your ad.

Here’s the assignment sheet and triangle:

Magazine Triangle Assignment

Magazine Triangle

3. Take those notes and write them up into a good copy. It should be 3 paragraphs, each paragraph with a heading (text, audience and production). Your work should either be about 1 page single-spaced typed or 2 pages single-spaced by hand.

4. This assignment is due…

Period C – Monday, October 4th

Period E – Tuesday, October 5th

Good luck and ask me for help if you need it. I’m away Thursday for Cross Country but I’m around all Friday.


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