Short Story/Creative Writing Unit

Hey Wolverines,

So we’re now all done persuasive speeches and we’ve moved on to a short unit about creative writing and short stories. So far we’ve read the following 2 stories in class:

  • Rooster at the Hitchin’ Post by David Sedaris
  • The Littlest Hitler by Ryan Boudinot

If you don’t have these two stories, please come and get them from me. I don’t have electronic copies so we’ll have to do this, as you kids say, ‘old school’….(Do kids still say that??)

In addition, I’ve given you the first of 3 writing tasks. You’ll be getting your other two over the next few weeks. I’ll post that writing task on Monday. I don’t have it to post today because I am writing this posting at home and I only have the assignment on my computer at work. Come Monday, you’ll be able to find the first assignment on this site.

Good work with the speeches and make sure not to fall behind on this next unit.


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New Dates

Hey there New Kids on the Block,

As you know I’ve missed a couple of classes due to Cross Country (A team that just keeps on winning!!) so I’ve decided to push back the due dates of the Independent Reading Project a bit. This will allow us to spend some time working on the expository paragraph and finish up journals. Here are the revised dates:

1. Journals

Due date moved from Tuesday, Oct 26th to Monday, November 1st

2. Full Critique

Due date moved from Friday, November 5th to Tuesday, November 9th

Get those journals done by Monday. If you have any trouble, let me know Monday morning before 9am. Don’t tell me at the start of the period that they’re not ready.

Good Luck on this,


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Where we’re at…

Hey Smurfs,

Just wanted to drop a quick not to make sure everyone knows what’s going on in English lately.

Firstly, we’ve completed three of the six short story presentations. The first three were very good. I hope the groups who have yet to present were playing close attention. We’ll finish up the presentations on Thursday.

Secondly, we need to move forward on work for the independent reading project. Most of your journals are done and we’re going to move on to the formal project write up. Due to my frequent absence from class due to Cross Country duties, I’m going to be pushing back the due date of the project a week or so. I’ll finalize dates in Thursday’s class.

Lastly, we will also have a short story quiz coming up. I’ll let you know when that is.

That’s all for now. See you Thursday.


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Project: Ad Pitch

Hey Power Puff Girls,

So I’ve now given out the final project for the Ad Unit. We’ll be doing advertising for a while still but I figured you should get the final project early so you have lots of time to work on it. Make sure you understand exactly what I’m asking you to do.

Here’s a copy of the assignment and the proposal sheet. The sheet will get handed in on the day of your presentation so don’t lose it. It’s worth 5 marks.

Advertising Unit Final Project

Proposal Sheet

Remember to be as creative and energetic as possible with your ad pitches. In case you need inspiration, I’ve included a link to a CBC radio show about advertising called “The Age of Persuasion”. It’s all about ad pitches.  Hope it gives you a few ideas.

Ad Pitches

Best of luck with this project. Remember you (and your partner, if you’re working with one) can come see me any time for help or ideas.


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Speeches Thursday

Just a quick reminder that speeches finish up this Thursday. I’ve had 4 presented and 6 handed in which means there are folk out there who have given me nothing.

  • I’m not kidding when I say this is important
  • I’m not kidding when I say I’m moving on after Thursday
  • I’m not kidding when I say Gr. 12 marks count in a big way
  • I’m not kidding when I say there’s something on your shirt and when you look down I flick you nose (OK, in that case I am kidding)

I look forward to the rest of the speeches on Thursday. Good Luck.


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Journal #2: Commercial Techniques

Hey there Freaks and Geeks,

Today I gave you the 2nd journal entry for the term. You’ll probably get one or two more before I collect them in the middle of November so don’t fall behind. They’re the easiest marks you’ll get or the quickest you’ll lose, it’s your choice.

Journal 2: Advertising Techniques

  • Which of the ad techniques are your favourites? Which ones do you hate?
  • Which techniques are the most effective (i.e. work best on the public) Why? Which ones are least effective?
  • Of the ads studies in class, which ones did you like best and which did you hate?
  • What techniques did they use?

I’ve posted a few of the ads we looked at down here. Some of them I could not find but hopefully the ones I have will prove helpful in jogging your memory.


Advertising is the rattling of a stick inside a swill bucket.  ~George Orwell

If you life SMOOTH E Part 1, follow the links to the rest.

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Short Story Seminar

Hey MiniPops,

Today we started the short story seminar assignment. You were assigned groups and stories. You will be doing presentations on these stories come next Friday. You were given the period to work on these presentations. Next Monday, I’ll give you about 1/2 the period to meet up with your group and plan further.

Just in case you lost the handout already, here it is again…

Short Story Seminar

(a note to ABE: I fixed my typos. Now it says ‘choose’ instead of ‘chose’. Thanks for pointing out my mistake…I will crush you!)

The right word may be effective, but no word was ever as effective as a rightly timed pause.
 — Mark Twain

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