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Weekend Reminders

Hello Muggles,

Just a quick reminder going into this weekend about work coming up. You’ve got TWO important things coming up after the weekend in Media Studies so be ready.

1. Magazine Assignment Due

Remember you’re handing in the following (all stapled together)

  • The outline sheet
  • The good copy
  • Your ad

You’ve had lots of class time to work on these so I expect them to be done. Any trouble with them, let me know right away…That means in the morning, not at the start of class.

 Period C – Due Monday

 Period E – Due Tuesday

 2. Media Quiz

This is based on your notes and handouts over the last few weeks. You should know about Pop Culture, Mass Media, Codes and Conventions, Ideology/Values, The Media Triangle and Media Conglomerates.

Quiz Dates

Period C – Wednesday

 Period E – Thursday

Good luck. Work/Study hand and come to me with any questions.

Have a nice weekend (unless you read this on Sunday/Monday in which case I hope you had a nice weekend)



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