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Patterson’s Sick Day

Hey Younglings,

Sorry I was not around today. Your kind and charming English teacher had a bit of a stomach bug which has left him at home, spending some quality time with his cats. Thankfully, I’m on the mend and will certainly be with you on Thursday. Just wanted to remind you of a couple of things for Thursday’s class.

1. Make sure you have your first Independent reading journal to show me. That’s the one that goes in the back of the journal and is about the first chapter (or few chapters depending on length) of your book.

2. Don’t forget to finish the “In the Silence” handout. That was the one about conflict, character, symbolism and personification. If you are having any trouble with that, make sure to come and see me some time before class.

That’s it. Keep reading and working and I’ll see you on Thursday.


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