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Quiz Reminder and Conglomerates Handout

Hey Minions,

Mr. Patterson sends his greeting from the guest room in his charming little house where he keeps his computer, ironing board, a beat-up old guitar and not much else. I am away today – Tuesday October 5th – due to a charming stomach virus which has left me in a bit of pain but, on the upside, has allowed me to spend the day with my cats. Anyway, I feel like I’m on the mend and am quite sure I’ll be back at school tomorrow. I’m sure this is much to the dismay of my Period C class who might be hoping their quiz would be postponed. No such luck, my friends.

I just wanted to remind you what the quiz will focus on…

  • All notes we took from the text (Definitions like POP CULTURE or MASS MEDIA)
  • All notes you took off the board (Things like CODES and CONVENTIONS, IDEOLOGIES and VALUES and the MEDIA TRIANGLE)
  • All handouts provided (Media Conglomerates)

Just in case you lost the “Media Conglomerates” handout, here it is again:

Media Conglomerates Handout

Anyway,  just wanted to wish you the best of luck on the quiz and I’ll see ya tomorrow.


PS: Here’s a picture of the cats I’ve been hanging out with today.


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