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Short Story Stuff Continues

Hello Humanoids,

Today we took care of a few things in class. I just thought I’d take some time to remind you what they were.

1. We took up the homework from the story “In the Silence”. A lot of the class did not do the work despite having nearly a week to complete it. I hope this habit does not continue. The purpose of the homework was to deepen your understanding of conflict, character, personification and symbolism. These are all literary devices that will pop up on the upcoming unit test. If your work is not done because it was too difficult, it’s your responsibility to come see me for help (which I will gladly provide). If, however, you just forgot to do it, it’s your responsibility to stay more organized. See how the responsibility keep looping back at you? Welcome to high school.

2. We watched a short film called ‘New Boy’ and talked about it afterwards. You all did a very good job of analyzing the story, breaking it down in terms of plot and character. There are a lot of excellent short films about there. I hope watching this one will inspire you to seek out others. I’m reposting it here in case you feel like watching it again.

See you next Tuesday,



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