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Journal #2: Commercial Techniques

Hey there Freaks and Geeks,

Today I gave you the 2nd journal entry for the term. You’ll probably get one or two more before I collect them in the middle of November so don’t fall behind. They’re the easiest marks you’ll get or the quickest you’ll lose, it’s your choice.

Journal 2: Advertising Techniques

  • Which of the ad techniques are your favourites? Which ones do you hate?
  • Which techniques are the most effective (i.e. work best on the public) Why? Which ones are least effective?
  • Of the ads studies in class, which ones did you like best and which did you hate?
  • What techniques did they use?

I’ve posted a few of the ads we looked at down here. Some of them I could not find but hopefully the ones I have will prove helpful in jogging your memory.


Advertising is the rattling of a stick inside a swill bucket.  ~George Orwell

If you life SMOOTH E Part 1, follow the links to the rest.


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