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Project: Ad Pitch

Hey Power Puff Girls,

So I’ve now given out the final project for the Ad Unit. We’ll be doing advertising for a while still but I figured you should get the final project early so you have lots of time to work on it. Make sure you understand exactly what I’m asking you to do.

Here’s a copy of the assignment and the proposal sheet. The sheet will get handed in on the day of your presentation so don’t lose it. It’s worth 5 marks.

Advertising Unit Final Project

Proposal Sheet

Remember to be as creative and energetic as possible with your ad pitches. In case you need inspiration, I’ve included a link to a CBC radio show about advertising called “The Age of Persuasion”. It’s all about ad pitches.  Hope it gives you a few ideas.

Ad Pitches

Best of luck with this project. Remember you (and your partner, if you’re working with one) can come see me any time for help or ideas.



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