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Reminders and Oral Presentations

Hey Nerf Herders,

Just wanted to drop a post to remind you guys where you should be at right now.

1. Your journals and independent reading projects should be handed in. I’m marking them this weekend for the report card.

2. Those who did not do the quiz because they were participating at the assembly, you will write it at the start of Monday’s class.

3. Oral presentations will begin on Monday for your novels. They only need to be around 3 minutes in length. In that time you will…

  • Provide a brief summary of your novel
  • Give a short review: In your review you can talk about things like plot, language, characters, setting, message or anything you like. You can also read a short passage from the book if he helps illustrate a point

That’s it,

All your first term marks are you. You’ve been a very strong class and a pleasure to teach so far.

Let’s have a great second term.



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