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New Unit – TV

Hey Deaf Possy,

So the ad projects are done and they were, for the most part, excellent. Good job to everyone. And just like that….We’re onto the next thing.

We started our discussion of TV by looking backwards through its history, using it as a way to judge the values/hopes/desires of people from the 50’s until today. In case you wanted to look at those shows again, I’ll post the lists we looked at in class here:

TV Ratings History

After that, I talked briefly about Edward R. Murrow and his fight against Communist hunter Joseph McCarthy. I gave you a copy of a speech that Murrow gave near the end of his career about where he thought TV was headed at the end of the 50’s. Under each speech segment were a couple of questions. Make sure you have those questions answered for next class.

In case you lost the sheet, here it is again:

Murrow Questions

The final speech on the sheet is from the old TV show “See It Now”. In case it’s easier for you understand something by watching and listening, here is the tail end of that speech just as it was seen 56 years ago.

Make sure these questions are done for next class. They will help a lot when it comes to understanding the film Good Night and Good Luck.


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