Map Work

Hey Dance Dance Revolutionaries,

Just a quick reminder of what we got up to last class and what we’re doing next.

1. Last class we read Chapter 6 together in class. This chapter provides a rather detailed explanation of the world where the novel takes place. I helped map out a few places using my excellent drawing skills on the board.

2. I gave you a map assignment. You have to make a map of all the interesting details provided in chapter 6 and before. You will have all of Wednesday’s class to work on it. It’s due on Friday.

Here’s the assignment (in case you lost it):

Chrysalids Map (You have 2 choices of blank map to use)

See you Wednesday,


My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them

-Mitch Hedberg

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Handouts: Bridalplasty and Sarah Palin

Hey there Toaster Strudels,

I forgot to post these in the last thread. Make sure they’re ready for next class.

Reality Article 1

Reality Article 2

That’s it. Get them done.

Chance that I will check them at the start of next period:

Somewhere between complete certainty and a zillion percent.



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Reality Wrap Up

I really enjoyed your different reality show pitch ideas. If my idea of “HERE KITTY KITTY” does not work out, I’m stealing one of yours. I don’t know which ones yet…Maybe all of them.

As a little wrap up to reality TV, we looked at a few shows in class.


The latest show that’s getting a lot of media attention is one where brides to be compete for plastic surgery procedures. Here’s a clip from CNN and another from the Colbert Report to provide a little background:




Former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin has also recently premiere a reality show. Take a look:

Steven Colbert took a satirical look at Sarah Palin as well.

Nov. 16th (Second Clip)

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Journal 2: After the Revelation

This is a Mr. Patterson journal rarity so pay attention. I am providing you with a choice. You can chose to do a traditional style journal entry OR a bit of writing in role. Here are your options in greater detail:


1.  Do you think it was right for Christopher’s father to lie and tell Christopher his mother was dead? Why do you think he did it? Would you have done the same thing?

2.  What should Christopher do now? What do you think, considering his condition, he is capable of doing in this situation?

3.  Do you think this story feels ‘real’ or is it getting too melodramatic (as some critics accused this story of being).


1. Write a journal entry in role as Christopher. Here are some areas you might want to focus on:

  • How his mother makes him feel
  • What he plans to do next
  • A random tangent about math, mysteries or anything else you like
  • A past experience

I don’t really care what you write about. It’s more important that you try to write in Christopher’s voice. Look back on previous chapters to help you capture his voice.

Good luck.


By and large, language is a tool for concealing the truth.

-George Carlin

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Journals 1: The book so far

Hey Punks,

Sorry I forgot to post this right after I put it up on the board.  Slipped my mind. Here it is…

1. What do you think of the story so far? Do you enjoy it?

2. What do you think of the narrative style? Do you like how it keeps diverging? Is it annoying? Do you like it?

3. What do you predict will happen next? Where will the murder investigation go?

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Homework for Monday

Hey Junior G-Men and Women,

Good work on those psych tests I gave you today. You’re all even more messed up than I thought. A quick reminder to…

Finish reading Chapter 5 for next class.

I didn’t get any bribes for parent teacher interviews so I’m going to say all kinds of horrible stuff about you. Be prepared to be grounded forever.


Have a nice weekend

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Readings for next class….

Hey Space Cowboys (and girls),

YOUR HOMEWORK: A short play by Mr. Patterson

Mr. Patterson is sitting alone at his desk in his room. He is casually flipping through a book about kittens. You walk in and strike up a conversation.

You: Hey Mr. Patterson

Me: Hi, Student

You: You’re looking handsome and intelligent today

Me: Of course, I am.

You: Anyway, I was just wondering what work we had to have ready for next class.

Me: I think I asked you to read to pg. 99 in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime.

You: You’re right, you did. Thanks for the reminder. What would you say the odds are of us having yet another of your exciting content quizzes?

Me: I would say somewhere between definite and 100%.

You: Gosh, that’s pretty certain. Well, I’m off to get my reading done.

Me: Good for you.

You leave. Mr. Patterson, satisfied at a job well done, decides to go home. On the way to his car he is devoured by wolverines.


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