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Readings for next class….

Hey Space Cowboys (and girls),

YOUR HOMEWORK: A short play by Mr. Patterson

Mr. Patterson is sitting alone at his desk in his room. He is casually flipping through a book about kittens. You walk in and strike up a conversation.

You: Hey Mr. Patterson

Me: Hi, Student

You: You’re looking handsome and intelligent today

Me: Of course, I am.

You: Anyway, I was just wondering what work we had to have ready for next class.

Me: I think I asked you to read to pg. 99 in The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime.

You: You’re right, you did. Thanks for the reminder. What would you say the odds are of us having yet another of your exciting content quizzes?

Me: I would say somewhere between definite and 100%.

You: Gosh, that’s pretty certain. Well, I’m off to get my reading done.

Me: Good for you.

You leave. Mr. Patterson, satisfied at a job well done, decides to go home. On the way to his car he is devoured by wolverines.



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I am a teacher at Malvern Collegiate Institute. This is a blog to help students keep track of their work.

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