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Journal 2: After the Revelation

This is a Mr. Patterson journal rarity so pay attention. I am providing you with a choice. You can chose to do a traditional style journal entry OR a bit of writing in role. Here are your options in greater detail:


1.  Do you think it was right for Christopher’s father to lie and tell Christopher his mother was dead? Why do you think he did it? Would you have done the same thing?

2.  What should Christopher do now? What do you think, considering his condition, he is capable of doing in this situation?

3.  Do you think this story feels ‘real’ or is it getting too melodramatic (as some critics accused this story of being).


1. Write a journal entry in role as Christopher. Here are some areas you might want to focus on:

  • How his mother makes him feel
  • What he plans to do next
  • A random tangent about math, mysteries or anything else you like
  • A past experience

I don’t really care what you write about. It’s more important that you try to write in Christopher’s voice. Look back on previous chapters to help you capture his voice.

Good luck.


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