Truman Show Bonus Assignment

Hey Thuglings,

Hope you are enjoying your break. I just realized I never got around to posting this bonus assignment on the website. A thousand apologies. I typed it up on the last day of school and forgot to post it. I, like you, had my mind focussed on the holidays. Remember, this assignment is not mandatory. It’s just for those who want to give their marks a boost.

Anyway, here it is now.

Truman Show Assignment:

This is a short written work to be completed in your journals. Look at is essentially as an extra, double length journal entry. Just like the other journal entries, it must be single spaced, neat and spelled correctly. However, this one should be about 2 pages, twice as long as a regular journal entry. Also, unlike a regular journal entry, I’d like you to answer ALL the questions provided below.

  • Give a short review of the film itself. Did you enjoy it? Why or why not?
  • Given the state of reality TV today, how plausible is it that a show like this could become a reality? Back up your opinion with reason.
  • The film would seem to argue that putting Truman’s life on TV was fundamentally wrong. Do you agree? Why is it so wrong to provide a wonderful life for┬ásomebody, even if it is fake? Could there be an argument made in support of Truman’s situation?
  • How much further do you think reality TV will go in your lifetime? Is there a line reality will never cross?

That should be enough for a pretty significant piece of writing. This assignment will be marked the next time I collect your journals. It will be an independent mark from the rest of your journal. Remember this is a BONUS assignment. It will either replace an earlier, low mark or simply be added on to all your preexisting marks (which ever way helps more).

Good luck and see ya in class,


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