Journal 3: The End o’ the Book

Hey Punks,

Congrats on finishing the book. I hope you enjoyed it. I know it’s not for everyone. Between the bizarre narrative style and the constant asides from the story, this book can certainly turn a lot of people off. Still, I think it has a lot to offer and is certainly something different from what you might normally read, both in class and in your own time.

Here’s the last journal entry for the book. You’re going to have to finish the book to write it. If you have not finished the book, get that done. It should not take you more than a hour or two to finish it up.

Journal Entry 3:

  • How did you think the book would end? Did the actual ending resemble your expectations? Be specific on which details did or did not match up.
  • Did you like the way it ended? Why or why not?  Would you have preferred a different ending?
  • What did you think of David’s father’s gift? Does it makes sense? Will David be able to handle it?

That should be enough for the 3rd journal entry.

Happy writing,