Review Assignment: Where we are

Hey  Backstreet Boys (and Girls),

Here’s where we are so far on the review assignment.

1. The Outline Sheet

I gave you an outline sheet as a place to put all your opinions and reactions to the novel in point form. Make sure you fill this sheet out in detail. I will collect it with the good copy.

If you’ve lost the sheet, here it is again:

Review Chart Sheet

2. Board Notes:

We spent the first half of last Thursday’s class taking board notes on what a REVIEW introduction and body paragraphs should look like. If you don’t have those notes, get them from somebody in the class or ask me to go over the points with you.

3. The Intro Paragraph Period:

This period was spent in the computer lab, typing up the introduction to the review. I collected the introductions to look over and give a completion mark. Next class, I will return the introductions with feedback.

I will also give you the final write up details next period.

It’s due date will be Thursday, February 3rd.

Good Luck

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