The Essay Begins

Hi Junior Rangers,

This week we started in on your Chrysalids essays.


We spent the second half of Tuesday’s class reading about what a thesis statement looks like. You homework was to look over 12 sentences to determine whether they were a) A good thesis b) A weak thesis or c) Not a thesis at all.

Essay Assignment Sheet: THE CHRYSALIDS ESSAY

How to write a thesis and practice: Thesis


We started Thursday’s call by taking up those 12 sentences. You guys had some excellent observations and did a great job of figuring out what makes up a good these. After that, we talked about how to construct a thesis, using a mind-map (i.e. a bunch of words you think of when you think of the book). I told students to come up with a thesis and show it to me as soon as they could. I think I saw about 1/3 of the class. On Monday, I will make sure to see everyone else’s.

Good work this week.


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Internet Unit – Final Project

Hey Chat Rouletters,

Last class I gave you the final project for this unit on the Internet. I’ve attached the assignment here in case you lose it.

Internet Final Project

Basically, you’re coming up with an original website idea, preparing a business case and visual mock-up of it and then presenting all that to the class.

You’re not going to have a load of time to work on it (a little under 2 weeks), so I’m giving a bit more class time than usual for planning and preparation.

I’ve already heard many of your ideas and they sound like a lot of fun. Just remember, a good idea is a start but you need to think these things all the way through.

Good Luck,

Patterson Out

The Internet is just a world passing around notes in a classroom.

~Jon Stewart

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February 4th – Important

Hey Monsters,

Just a quick reminder about a very important date. The last day I can get work that will go on your special grade 12 interim report for college applications is February 4th. That’s a Friday. We don’t have call that day but you can find me and give me stuff anyway. Really, it would be better to have stuff ready for the Thursday, when you know you can find me in class.

Here’s what I need by then.

1. Your book review.

  • 1 page, typed, single spaced
  • 1 outline sheet

2. Your journals

  • 3 entries (mandatory)
  • 1 entry about the film The Zero Effect (bonus entry)

We’re working on a media thing in class but you should have no trouble getting that done.

Good luck and if you need any help, feel free to come find me.

Patterson Out.

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