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February 4th – Important

Hey Monsters,

Just a quick reminder about a very important date. The last day I can get work that will go on your special grade 12 interim report for college applications is February 4th. That’s a Friday. We don’t have call that day but you can find me and give me stuff anyway. Really, it would be better to have stuff ready for the Thursday, when you know you can find me in class.

Here’s what I need by then.

1. Your book review.

  • 1 page, typed, single spaced
  • 1 outline sheet

2. Your journals

  • 3 entries (mandatory)
  • 1 entry about the film The Zero Effect (bonus entry)

We’re working on a media thing in class but you should have no trouble getting that done.

Good luck and if you need any help, feel free to come find me.

Patterson Out.


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I am a teacher at Malvern Collegiate Institute. This is a blog to help students keep track of their work.

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