The Essay Begins

Hi Junior Rangers,

This week we started in on your Chrysalids essays.


We spent the second half of Tuesday’s class reading about what a thesis statement looks like. You homework was to look over 12 sentences to determine whether they were a) A good thesis b) A weak thesis or c) Not a thesis at all.

Essay Assignment Sheet: THE CHRYSALIDS ESSAY

How to write a thesis and practice: Thesis


We started Thursday’s call by taking up those 12 sentences. You guys had some excellent observations and did a great job of figuring out what makes up a good these. After that, we talked about how to construct a thesis, using a mind-map (i.e. a bunch of words you think of when you think of the book). I told students to come up with a thesis and show it to me as soon as they could. I think I saw about 1/3 of the class. On Monday, I will make sure to see everyone else’s.

Good work this week.