Journal Work 1: Casting

Hey there Joy Luck Club,

Today we looked at some awful casting choices. It’s clear that who you pick to play a part can often make or break a show. A director – a good one anyway – will go to great lengths to pick just the right person for a part.

I want you to do just that for Death and the Maiden. To pick the right actor, you must first understand the character. Only then can you find the actor that will best bring those qualities to light:

In your journals, you are going to cast a new version of Death and the Maiden. To do this, you will be requires to go through the following steps.

1. Write a brief character sketch for Gerardo,  Paulina and Roberto. Each sketch should be about 4 to 5 sentences long. They should explain what you think the most important aspects to their personalities are. Use evidence from the text to back up your claim.

2. You must pick somebody you think would be right for the part. For each actor, you must write a brief justification (again, about 4-5 sentences) explaining your choice. You do not need to pick anyone famous. If there is somebody you know who would be right for the part, cast them. Just make sure to tell me why.

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Almost at the end of the Essay

Hey Goonies,

Just a quick reminder that your essay is due next Monday. I’m getting this on the report card so you CANNOT be late on this thing or a big fat zero will hang in the place your essay mark should be. It will make your report card mark look the same way my haircut made me look in high school: Terrible.

Remember the good copy of your essay needs a title page and a work cited page. Here’s what they should look like…

Title page:

The title of your essay and your name – Centered about 2/3 the way up the paper

My name, the class and the date – Bottom, right hand corner

Work Cited:

Work Cited

Wyndham, John. The Chrysalids. Toronto: Penguin Books, 1955.

That’s it.

Easily done.

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Music History

Hey Katz and Jammers (ask your parents about that one),

We’re now into our unit about music. Rock on. Sorry, I’m aware that was lame.

Anyway, we’ve spent a few classes talking about what music means to us, how it shapes our lives and affects everything from the way we dress to the way we talk.

Recently, we spent a full period learning about the history of recorded sound. I could tell you were all really interested by the excited snores I heard erupting around the room (That’s some fine sleeping, Jacob and Michael).

This is just a reminder that there will be a little quiz next class on the history lesson I gave you.

Why a quiz? Is it to…

…make sure you pay attention?

…force you to learn something?

…give me the wonderful feeling I get when I know I’ve made you lives just a  little worse?

The answer is, of course, ALL THREE!!!

Period C – Quiz on Friday 25th.

Period E – Quiz on Monday 28th.

Have a nice everything,


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The Essay Continues

Ahoy Buccaneers,

After a couple of set backs (i.e. Guidance Visits, Snow Days, etc) we’re back on track for the essay. Here’s a reminder about what we’re doing in class on what days.

Wednesday, February 16th

You should come to class with: Outlines finished or nearly finished.

Use class time to: Learn how to embed quotes. With the rest of the class time, you will be working on your rough copy.

For homework: Continue to work on your rough copy at home.

Tuesday, February 22nd

You should come to class with: Your rough copy in progress. You should aim to be at least half way finished.

Use class time to: Continue working on rough copy. Try to finish it in the class time.

For homework: If your rough copy is not complete, finish it at home.

Thursday, February 24th

You should come to class with: A completed rough copy.

Use class time to: Edit each other’s rough copies, ask last minute questions, learn how to format the work cited page.

For homework: Type up good copy.

Monday, February 28th

You present your essay to Mr. Patterson. You do a happy dance.

That’s it.

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Media Journals!!

Hey Punklings,

Just a reminder that journals are due on either the 16th or 17th, depending on which period you have Media Studies.

You need to do 4 journals:

3 on the Internet articles:

1 on TV:

There’s also a bonus journal entry on The Truman Show:


Patterson Out!

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Journals Information

Hey WonderTwins,

So I’ve decided on due dates for the journals. I want to collect them just before the long weekend.

Period E – February 16th

Period C – February 17th

There are four journals to do. One if from the television unit and the other three are from the internet unit. Here are some quick links to them…

There’s also the Truman Show bonus journal for those looking to pick up a few extra marks…

Have Fun,


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