The Essay Continues

Ahoy Buccaneers,

After a couple of set backs (i.e. Guidance Visits, Snow Days, etc) we’re back on track for the essay. Here’s a reminder about what we’re doing in class on what days.

Wednesday, February 16th

You should come to class with: Outlines finished or nearly finished.

Use class time to: Learn how to embed quotes. With the rest of the class time, you will be working on your rough copy.

For homework: Continue to work on your rough copy at home.

Tuesday, February 22nd

You should come to class with: Your rough copy in progress. You should aim to be at least half way finished.

Use class time to: Continue working on rough copy. Try to finish it in the class time.

For homework: If your rough copy is not complete, finish it at home.

Thursday, February 24th

You should come to class with: A completed rough copy.

Use class time to: Edit each other’s rough copies, ask last minute questions, learn how to format the work cited page.

For homework: Type up good copy.

Monday, February 28th

You present your essay to Mr. Patterson. You do a happy dance.

That’s it.

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