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Music History

Hey Katz and Jammers (ask your parents about that one),

We’re now into our unit about music. Rock on. Sorry, I’m aware that was lame.

Anyway, we’ve spent a few classes talking about what music means to us, how it shapes our lives and affects everything from the way we dress to the way we talk.

Recently, we spent a full period learning about the history of recorded sound. I could tell you were all really interested by the excited snores I heard erupting around the room (That’s some fine sleeping, Jacob and Michael).

This is just a reminder that there will be a little quiz next class on the history lesson I gave you.

Why a quiz? Is it to…

…make sure you pay attention?

…force you to learn something?

…give me the wonderful feeling I get when I know I’ve made you lives just a  little worse?

The answer is, of course, ALL THREE!!!

Period C – Quiz on Friday 25th.

Period E – Quiz on Monday 28th.

Have a nice everything,



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