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Journal Work 1: Casting

Hey there Joy Luck Club,

Today we looked at some awful casting choices. It’s clear that who you pick to play a part can often make or break a show. A director – a good one anyway – will go to great lengths to pick just the right person for a part.

I want you to do just that for Death and the Maiden. To pick the right actor, you must first understand the character. Only then can you find the actor that will best bring those qualities to light:

In your journals, you are going to cast a new version of Death and the Maiden. To do this, you will be requires to go through the following steps.

1. Write a brief character sketch for Gerardo,  Paulina and Roberto. Each sketch should be about 4 to 5 sentences long. They should explain what you think the most important aspects to their personalities are. Use evidence from the text to back up your claim.

2. You must pick somebody you think would be right for the part. For each actor, you must write a brief justification (again, about 4-5 sentences) explaining your choice. You do not need to pick anyone famous. If there is somebody you know who would be right for the part, cast them. Just make sure to tell me why.


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