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The Last Few Classes

Hey Electric Boogaloos,

I have not update this site in a bit. For a few days it was having some kind of ‘admin trouble’ and would not let me add new posts. It seems to be working again (for now) so I’ll just do a quick reminder as to what we’ve been up to.

1. We did a little music history lesson and a quiz. Many people missed the quiz. Some came to the make-up quiz. Other’s chose to sleep. Many of those ‘others’ may weep a bit at the upcoming report card. I will be on my sofa enjoying a latter and a crossword puzzle by then.

2. We did a short history of the music video. I’ll create a post on this site that takes you through those. There won’t be any subsequent work on that lesson. I just thought it was interesting.

3. We had a chat about controversial lyrics and did a little in-class partner work looking at controversial lyrics.

4. HOMEWORK: You were told to bring in lyrics to a song you like. We’ll be sharing those today.

Hope that catches you up. I hope this posts instead of erasing it like it did the last 2 times I tried to post it.

Patterson Out.


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