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Afghan Star and 1st new Journal Entry

Hey Kiddieos,

So we just finished watching the film Afghan Star in class. I hope you learned a lot about Afghanistan and the power of music. I think it’s a great film with a very positive message.

In case you missed the film, here’s a shortened version that aired on the CBC a few years back:

NOTE: This link has been acting funny. I’m searching for a new link. Be patient.

You just got your journals back. Your first journal for this last film is about the movie Afghan Star. Here’s what you can write about…

1. How important is music to your life? How profound is its influence.

2. What does the film Afghan Star have to say about the power of music. Do you think it’s successful in relaying that message?

3. Did you learn anything from the film?

4. Is it a well made documentary? What did you like about it? What’s wrong with it?

That’s it for now,



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