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The Film Unit Begins

Hey Future Tarantinos and Bigelows,

Welcome to the official start of the movie unit, the unit that will take up the rest of the year, be super important and contain your summative assignment…That’s my way of saying Pay Attention.

Just a quick recap of where we are:

1. We started with a fun movie guessing game. If you enjoyed it and want to send it to others, here it is: Film Quiz

If you enjoyed it enough to do more, go to

2. I reminded everyone that from now on everything we do is connected to the summative, which means I consider each class part of the summative. Therefor, being late or having any unexplained absences will directly reflect that part of your summative mark that falls under use of class time (which is roughly 30% of the total summative mark).

That’s it for the intro. On to other things.



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