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Next Steps

Hey Punks,

Thanks to all those who got their Cuckoo’s Nest assignments in on-time. For those who have not, I will take them until the end of April with deductions for every day that they are late. After April, you’e missed the deadline altogether.

Here are a couple reminders as we go into the long weekend.

1. Memento Mori Work

We’re going to do a chart sheet together today about the short story. After we watch the film, you’re going to do a second chart sheet assignment. Those two things will be coupled together and collected at the same time. It’s a prep assignment for the summative so make sure you get it done.

2. Summative

Make sure you are reading your books outside of class. People who only read their books during  the reading periods of class are going to find themselves falling way behind.

Also, make sure you can track down a copy of the film your book is based on. I would have for you to read the whole book and then not be able to find the film.

Patterson out.


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