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1. Current Favorite Movie
2. Favorite Cartoon Movie
South Park
3. Last Movie you saw in Theaters
Fast Five
4. A Movie from your Childhood
5. Favorite Musical
South Park
6. A Movie that makes you sad
7. A movie that makes you happy
The American President
8. The most disappointing movie
Hot Tub Time Machine
9. The weirdest movie that you have ever seen
10. Favorite male character in a movie
11. Favorite female Character in a movie
Marge Gunderson
12. Favorite Director
13. Favorite cartoon Character from a movie
14. Favorite Movie Villain
Darth Vader/Hans Gruber
15. A Movie that is a guilty Pleasure
16. A Movie with the best sound track
17. A Movie that you hate
18. The Movie with the worst actors
Starship Troopers
19. A movie that you want to see
The Fast and Furious 6
20. The Funniest Movie you have seen
Love and Death/Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure
21. The movie that scared you the most
22. A movie that you wished more people have seen
23. A movie with the most surprising ending
24. A movie that blew your mind
25. Your Favorite Disney Movie
26. Favorite movie that is based on a book/comic
27. The best action movie
28. The best remake
29. Favorite actor/actress
30. Your top 5 movies of all time

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I am a teacher at Malvern Collegiate Institute. This is a blog to help students keep track of their work.

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