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Final Journal Entry: Film History

Hey there Pop Corn Munchers,

Time to give you the final journal entry of the year. I know this probably has you pretty emotionally riled up – “Sniff Sniff…my final media journal???…No more media studies soon???…Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” – but you’ll have to be strong.

Here it is:

  • Film history is pushed forward by innovation (3-D, Smell-o-vision, etc). Which advancement in film technology do you think was the most significant? The least?
  • What is the most interesting thing you learned about film history from these two classes?
  • If you had to watch one of the films we studied over the last few classes (see the last post) in its entirety, which one would it be and why? Which one would you avoid?
  • What do you think of 3-D? Is it the future of film?
That’s it. That should not be too hard.
Keep on keeping on.

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