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Seminar Presentations Next Week

Hey Punklings,

Just a quick note about your presentation next week. It mentions in your outline that I’d provide a seminar outline sheet to help guide your presentations next week. That instruction was from a few years back and it’s part of the project I don’t include anymore. I found most people did really use it and/or felt it was kind of redundant since I usually make pretty clear what I’m looking for during class instruction/discussion.

Still, I thought I would briefly list what should be your talking points for your seminar here.

Things to include:

  • Biographic information about your director
  • Film techniques that your director frequently uses: Shot type, camera angles, framing, movement, sound, colour, light, mise en scene, focus, editing and so on. (This is the most important point and should be discussed in the greatest detail)
  • Themes, subjects and ideas that your director frequently explores
  • Character Types your director likes to work with
  • The style of dialog commonly found in your director’s films.
  • Most important films of your director’s career
  • Films that break from your director’s conventions
  • Notable failures

Don’t forget to include a clip/clips to highlight the above points. You should either use a few short clips or one longer clips. Either way, your clip time should not exceed 3 minutes and you are not to simply use a trailer for the film.

You will then close with the presentation of your media product.

Good luck. These are often my favourite presentation of the year. I’m really looking forward to them.


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