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Summative Continues

Hey Punks,

Just a few quick reminders…

1. We are in the computer lab this week (Room 111) so you can get any work, research and reading you need to do for your summative done. Make good use of the time. If you spend the hour surfing the next and watching youtube, you might as well have stayed home.

2. For you seminar presentation next week, you need to have the following ready:

A short clip from  your film adaptation

The comparrison chart: Novel/Film Chart

The 2 page write up

You need to be ready to talk for about 10 minutes about your novel and its adaptation.

3. You need to complete your novel analysis chart to give me for the exam. I will collect it and hand it back to you at the start of the exam. Part of the exam mark is for this chart so complete it in detail.

Here’s another copy of that chart, in case you’ve lost it…

Novel Chart


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