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Exam Ahead

Hey Stinkweeds,

Well done on your presentations. I very much enjoyed learning about the movies/books you looked at. Your presentations were, for the most part, thoughtful, interesting and well prepared.

So, that’s half your summative mark taken care of. It’s time to get ready for the other half…The Exam!

I have told you already in some detail what the exam is going to be. In case you have forgotten, here is a reminder.

The exam consists of two writing tasks.

Task 1: A book review.

You will be writing a brief book review about the novel you read for you presentation. Your review should be approximately 4 paragraphs in length and follow the format we looked at in class.

Here are a few things to remember:

  • Each paragraph should serve a specific function
  • Only one or two paragraph should summarize the story while not giving away too much information (like, 0h let’s say…the ending).
  • Do not open with summary. Find an interesting hook to attract the reader such as  a personal anecdote, commentary on a specific element of the novel, discussion of an issue arising from the story or anything else you can think of.
  • An interesting quote or two from the text of your novel
  • Use interesting and specific vocabulary. Avoid just telling me that everything was ‘good’ or ‘boring’ or ‘interesting’. You might want to bring a thesaurus.

You have been provided an outline sheet to gather your thoughts on the novel. You must hand in this sheet before the exam and I will return it on exam day. You cannot simply bring it do the exam on the day.

If you lost the sheet, here’s a copy you can print off and finish. Novel Chart2

Part 2: The Argumentative Paragraph

This part is a little different. You will ick an issue/theme from your novel. Write a persuasive paragraph in which you take a definitive stance in regards to that issue. Use evidence from both the novel and personal knowledge/experience to back up your argument. Remember to use the argumentative styles we studies earlier in the year. Your paragraph should be approximately 10-15 sentences in length.

I can’t post a copy of the handout I have you because I photocopied it from a text book but if you lost it, let me know and I’ll get you another copy.

We’ll use a bit of class time to develop a thesis for this paragraph. While you can’t bring anything in to the exam to help you with this,  as long as you have a clear idea of your thesis you will do just fine.

Good luck,



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