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Tentative Groups and Choices

Here’s a list of who is working with who and about what.

  1. Katherine and Sherry -> Dressed for Success
  2. Emily B, Erin and Kendra -> Princess Maragret Cancer Foundation
  3. Jack and Claire -> Sears National Kids Cancer Ride
  4. Rebecca, Emily B. and Celine -> Holmes on Homes
  5. Sharyne and Joseita -> Childhood Cancer Foundation
  6. Olivia, Emily K and Victoria -> Children’s Make a Wish Foundation
  7. Brandon and Taylor -> Sick Kids Foundation
  8. Tag and Heather -> Human Society
  9. Dan, Teagan and Ana -> WWF
  10. Jessie and Phil -> Something Environmental

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I am a teacher at Malvern Collegiate Institute. This is a blog to help students keep track of their work.

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