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Character Assignment

Hey Scribes and Scriveners,

We opened our second class with a discussion about the importance of words. We watch a clip from George Carlin and talked about how language continues to evolve.

We plan is to focus on characterization. I gave out a booklet in class that contained several examples of characterization from a motley crew of authors – Dickens, Salinger, Hiaasen, Coupland and Hammett – and asked you to give feedback on each one. To help with the feedback I have a list of guiding questions and a handout on characterization techniques.

I asked that you finish these responses for next Thursday’s class. We’re going to share them and then move onto the second section, writing you own characterization paragraph in the style of one of these authors.

If you lost the package, here it is in easy downloadable form.

Character Descritipons

“Who shot him? I asked.
The grey man scratched the back of his neck and said: Somebody with a gun.”

-Dashiell Hammett


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