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Writing Prompts

Hey Gang,

I hope everyone picked up a notebook in which to pour their feelings because today we begin your Writer’s Portfolio. Every three or four classes we’re going to open with a 20 minute writing prompt. A writing prompt is simply a jumping off point to get you past staring at a blank page and start getting words on paper. Prompts come in all shapes and sizes, but the goal is always the same…Get you writing.

Please use the front of your notebook for the class assigned prompts. Any additional writing you’d like to do on your own, please use the back of your book. If you ever write anything in your books that you’d rather I not read, please indicated it by folding the page or simply writing a message that’s easy to see (ex. NOT FOR YOU, PATTERSON in red in ink would work).

I will collect the notebooks once per term, usually a few weeks before report cards. I will mark them using rather simple criteria: Did you embrace the spirit of the prompt and make a concerted effort in your writing. I will not mark based on spelling or grammar, unless those are specific to the prompt itself.

If you would like to look at additional prompts, the internet is lousy with them. Some sites are better than others, but if you hunt long enough I’m sure you’ll find one that works for you.

Here are a few I found just by doing a little morning googling.

Today, just to get us in the groove, we’re going to do 2 writing prompts. We’re going to take 20 minutes for each and give some time to share them with the rest of the class. I will never compel (i.e. force) anyone to share their prompts without advanced noticed.

Today’s Prompts:



Share a memory (good or bad) from this past summer. You must use rhyming couplets.


In late July my family and I took a trip to sunny Quebec

Although I had a lot of fun by the end I was a wreck

We saw museums, castles, shops and various attractions

And with each one diminished any sense of satisfaction

By the last day I fantasized of being in my home

Away from poutines and children’s scream. Just blissfully alone.

I’m not quite sure how I survived a whole week in that place.

If I suggest doing it again, please shoot me in the face. 



Write a passage that best describes yourself at this point of your life without using the letter E.


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