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Persuasive Article Assignment

Hey Thugs,

So we’re now into our first and we’re looking at the power of persuasive speech. We did a few off the cuff debates (well done on that, by the way) and read an excerpt from “The Act of Writing” about different argument techniques. Now you’ve got some work to do. I handed out 2 articles and a series of questions to answer about them.

Article 1: Persuasive Article 1

Article 2: Persuasive Article 2

Questions: Article Questions

I think if you’ve been paying attention in class, you should have no trouble with them. The only questions that some might find difficult is where I ask to identify ‘argument techniques’ used by the authors. If you are having difficulty, please refer to the article from THE ACT OF WRITING.

Good luck and if you have any difficulty with this before the Monday when it’s due, let me know.

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