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Persuasive Speakers – A few examples

Hey Gang,

Today we continued our look at what makes a good persuasive argument. We watched the clips below and talked a bit about each speaker both in terms of presentation and content.

1. The Hitchens/Blair debate on religion

(If you find this debate interesting, you can read the full text of it here:

2. Why I chose a Gun by General Peter van Uhm, the Chief of the Netherlands Defence staff.

3. Why I’m a weekday Vegetarian by Graham Hill, founder of and LifeEdited.

4. The Last Lecture: Achieving your Childhood Dreams by Randy Pausch. This is a bit of a cheat, as it really falls into the category of ‘Inspirational’ over ‘Persuasive’ but I thought I’d toss it in here anyway. It’s just that good.

5. An unidentified East York resident calmly and respectfully engages in lively debate with Toronto mayor Robert Ford.



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