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Article Hunt

Hey Wingnuts,

Today we are going to take a little field trip down to the computer lab. Your job is an easy one…To track down an article to discuss next class. Remember to pick an article that makes a persuasive argument. When you come to class next Monday be ready to discuss your article in detail. Make sure to select a paragraph/passage/section to share with a group.

Don’t forget to print a print out of your article. I cannot stress this enough. 

Once you’ve tracked down and printed your article, any subsequent time can be spent doing research for your upcoming persuasive speech. I’ll be calling students over one at a time to talk to me about what they plan to do.

To help guide your search, feel free to follow the links provided.

1. The Electric Typewriter:

This is an excellent source for interesting and thoughtful writing. It’s broken down by topics and writers.

2. News magazines:

3. The opinion sections of major newspapers


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