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Techniques Practice

Today we’re going to try putting some of the argument techniques that we’ve read about/discussed into practice. At your table, your will cobble together a persuasive speech that uses AT LEAST 4 of the argument techniques listed below.

From “The Act of Writing”

  • Narration – A true story (yours or someone else’s) that relates to your argument
  • Example – One in-depth or a series of short examples
  • Description – A vivid description using sensory imagery
  • Cause and Effect – Explain how one things causes another
  • Compare and Contrast – Showing how to things are alike or unalike
  • Analogy and Related Devices – Using one structure to explain another
  • Classification – Putting your ideas into categories

Others we observed

  • Rhetorical questions – Posing questions directly to the audience (make sure to answer them)
  • Relatable quotes – Using the words to others to focus/clarify ideas
  • Humour – Helps to relax/engage an audience

You will have 30 minutes to get it ready. Select a speaker and have them present your argument to the class. Once you’re finished, we’ll discuss the techniques you used.

Your argument can be on anything but I’ve included a few suggestions below just to help speed things along:

  • The driving age should be 21
  • All drugs should be legalized
  • Prayer should return to school
  • University education should be free
  • Boys and girls should learn separately until college/university
  • Everyone should take a year off between high school and college/university
  • The internet is making people stupid
  • We have a moral obligation to help the poor
  • Parents should stop perpetuating the myth of Santa
  • Canada needs a strong military presence in the world
  • Endangered species should not be protected
  • Doctors are paid too much
  • Being bullied builds character
  • Voting should be mandatory starting at 18
  • The moon landing was faked

Those are just a few. Feel free to pick something of greater interest to you.








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