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Character Sheets and Excercises

Hey Gang,

I’d like to apologize. I’ve been a bit behind on posting lately. Sorry. No real excuse here.

Just want to remind people of what you need to have/do.

Physical Descriptions

I few classes ago I gave out a sheet with 100 physical descriptions words. I do not have an electronic version of this page so ask me for a copy if you’re missing it.

After doing a few word games with the sheet, I gave you a task. You needed to write 4 character description paragraphs, using 7 words from the sheet for each description. I collected it the following class. Here it is, in case you lost it:


Personality Descriptions

I also gave you a handout to help better describe personalities. We used it for a game as well but have yet to use it as a writing aid. We will in an upcoming class, so make sure you have it. I also don’t have an online copy of this sheet so get it from me if you need it.




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