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Prompt 4

Hey Gang,

For our fourth character prompt, we did something a little different. I asked the class to invent a prompt. The idea was to create a prompt that challenges word selection. I got lots of great prompts but decided to select three of them for the class to try. There are different prompts for my two sections, so make sure you do the write one:

PERIOD C (afternoon class)

Prompt 4. Please make sure only do ONE of the following THREE prompts

  1. Write a short story where the each word is in alphabetical order. (ex. A boy climbed down each Friday)
  2. Write a conversation only using song titles
  3. Write a short story using only nouns and verbs

These are all pretty tough so I’m not expecting anything long but do you best to make them as interesting as possible.

PERIOD E (morning class)

  1. Write a story using movies lines
  2. Write a story where the tense changes with each line
  3. Write a story using words no larger than 4 letters

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