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‘Hey Gang,

I’m excited about hearing your character paragraphs on Monday and Tuesday. I’m sure they’re going to be great. We’ll most probably be having class in the staff room but go by 206 at the start just to be sure. I’ll have a sign on the door saying where we’re going.

Since I didn’t want to add anything new before presentation day, I thought I’d turn the teaching over to writers far more successful than myself.

We’re going go look at a couple of writers who know a thing or two about writing.

  1. James Patterson

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The first is mystery author James Patterson. He has recorded a series of online lessons about writing from the website Master Class:

2. Aaron Sorkin

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We’re also going to watch a video of TV/Movie writer Aaron Sorkin (The Newsroom, West Wing, The Social Network and such more) were he talks about writing characters for the big and small screen.

John Irving

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Joss Whedon
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