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Prompt books due and all prompt again

Hey Gang,

This is a reminder that prompt books are due soon.

Period C – Friday, Nov 4th

Period E – Thursday, Nov 3rd

These need to be in on time. If I don’t get them by the end of that week, there’ll be a big shinny 0 on the report card where the mark for these should go.

In case you’ve forgotten any of the prompts, I’ve included them below. I’ve just included the basic instructions. For added detail, go back and search the individual links:


Share a memory (good or bad) from this past summer. You must use rhyming couplets.


Write a passage that best describes yourself at this point of your life without using the letter E.


Use the building blocks of language.


Chose one of the following 3 prompts, created by fellow class members. Please note, only pick the 3 associated with your section.

PERIOD C (afternoon class)

  1. Write a short story where the each word is in alphabetical order. (ex. A boy climbed down each Friday)
  2. Write a conversation only using song titles
  3. Write a short story using only nouns and verbs

PERIOD E (morning class)

  1. Write a story using movies lines
  2. Write a story where the tense changes with each line
  3. Write a story using words no larger than 4 letters


Write 6 of your own 6 word stories. Try to pack as much action, adventure, romance, humour, pathos, passion and mystery into those 6 words as you can.


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