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Macbeth: Questions and Video

Hey Gang,

Just wanted to drop a post so people know where we are with the play and what you should be up to by now.

  1. Where you at?

As of this Monday, you should know everything up to Act I, Scene v. We’re going to read a bit more next class so that we’re finished with the first act. On Thursday, we watched some of a film adaptation of Macbeth to help reinforce what we’ve read. I’ve posted the youtube link below but it’s a pretty crappy version. Parts are cut off but it’s the best thing I can post.

We’re read up to 23 minutes into the film.

2. Rhetorical Devices Assignment

Last class I gave you two sheets. The first was a list of rhetorical devices. We read it together and talked a bit about them. Here’s that sheet, in case you lost it:


After that, I gave you an assignment that will be due this Friday. It’s asking you to hunt down a bunch of rhetorical devices within the first 5 scenes of Macbeth. Remember that you need to do the following for each device:

  1. Write out the quote
  2. Identify the device
  3. Explain how it’s used
  4. Explain why it was used

That last one is the most difficult ¬†because it involves activating your speculative abilities. There’s no one right answer for that one, however, writing that it makes the scene more ‘dramatic’ tells me nothing. Here’s the assignment, in case you lost it:




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