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A couple of stories to start

Today we’re going to tackle a couple of stories, one short story and one short film. In both cases, we’re going to follow up the enjoyment of watching/reading with a little story analysis. The analysis for NIGHT ON EARTH will be done orally together right after we’ve seen the film. The analysis for ANT OF THE SELF will be done for homework, ready to show an eager Mr. Patterson next class.

Please note, there is NO downloadable copy of ANT OF THE SELF on this website. I photocopied it from a book and there’s no online version I could find so you’ll just have to get it from me if you missed class (or skipped, in the case of people who thought of taking Friday off because of the short periods) .

Here are the analysis questions:

  1. Who’s story is it?
  2. How are we made to care about that person?
  3. What is the central character’s inner motivation?
  4. Is the central character likable or relatable?
  5. Does the central character change (even slightly) by the end of the story?
  6. Was this a story worth telling?

*When you answer these questions for ANT OF THE SELF, please make sure to explain each one using specific multiple examples from the text. I’m pretty certain none of these can be answered in fewer than 3-4 sentences.  



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