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Story Prompt 3: Class Created Prompts – Period C

Hi Gang,

Last class I asked you to generate a list of story writing prompt using a simple WHERE, WHO and WHAT framework. You did a great job. Here they are:

  • Who: A clown
  • Where: The Empire State Building
  • What: The world is ending
  • Who: Mr. Patterson
  • Where: At his mom’s house
  • What: Has to do a back flip off something
  • Who: Must include your spirit animal, who is an anthropomorphic  character
  • Where: The wizarding world
  • What: Someone gets burned at the stake
  • Who: Donald Trump and someone with permanent vertigo (always dizzy)
  • Where: Disney World
  • What: Stealing dogs for ransom money
  • Who: Two people fighting whether to take their absurdly large golden vanity with them or not as they evacuate
  • Where: In Pompeii at Mt. Vesuvius erupts 2000 years ago
  • What: An eruption
  • Who:A republican and a democrat
  • Where: The Enchanted forest
  • What: Unrequited love
  • Who: The Grinch
  • Where: Santa’s Workshop
  • What: Missing elves
  • Who: Two sisters
  • Where: Amusement park
  • What: Roller-coaster gets stuck upside down in a loop
  • Who: Donald Trump
  • Where: A museum
  • What: An open lion cage with lions on the loose
  • Who: Patients and doctors
  • Where: An insane asylum
  • What: A plot to take over the institution
  • Who: A talking pineapple and a teenage girl
  • Where: A haunted house
  • What: A kidnapping
  • Who: A man and his goat friend
  • Where: A jail cell
  • What: They escape together
  • Who: You and a person you really like or dislike
  • Where: A closet
  • What: Neighbor’s house
  • Who: Man and a talking polar bear
  • Where: Alaska
  • What: Journey to the North Pole
  • Who: 2 girl cousins and a groom
  • Where: Cousin’s wedding
  • What: Tell the groom you’re in love with him
  • Who: A young boy
  • Where: Rain forest
  • What: Talking trees that act as the boys guide
  • Who: Drake
  • Where: McDonalds
  • What: Must involve time travel
  • Who: Buzzfeed authors
  • Where: On a plane
  • What: Speaking in buzzfeed clickbait references
  • Who: Two untrained astronauts
  • Where: The International Space Station
  • What: Toilet explodes. Shit everywhere.
  • Who: The first inhabitants
  • Where: Mars
  • What: The realization of what they’ve signed up for
  • Who: Trump and Clinton
  • Where: A bombshelter
  • What: They must ration the last cookie (which is the last piece of food)
  • Who: Two best friends
  • Where: Brazil
  • What: One is kidnapped by a drug lord
  • Who: Two workers
  • Where: Amusement park
  • What: Love story, that includes a horrible incident where someone or something dies



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