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Story Prompt #3 – Period E ideas

Hi Gang,

Last class I asked you to generate a list of story writing prompt using a simple WHERE, WHO and WHAT framework. You did a great job. Here they are:

  • Who: Old man renting a shoe
  • Where: Bowling Alley
  • What: Somebody gets hurt
  • Who: Cheech and Chong
  • Where: Bikini Bottom
  • What: They become chefs at the Krusty Krab
  • Who: Seth Rogan
  • Where: Engagement party
  • What: Somebody east a moldy taco
  • Who: People and robots
  • Where: Inside a clock tower
  • What: One robot must breakdown
  • Who: 2 friends and an aardvark
  • Where: A patch of grass
  • What: The aardvark can speak
  • Who:Kim Jong Un
  • Where: A porn film set
  • What: Must end in explosion
  • Who: You and your worst enemy
  • Where: Bermuda Triangle
  • What: You must be best friends by the end
  • Who: Captain and Heiress
  • Where: The Titanic
  • What: They need to sink the ship and make it look like an accident
  • Who: Kanye West
  • Where: A grocery store checkout line
  • What: A box of powdered donuts have gone missing
  • Who: Two or more people that hate each other
  • Where: Inside a car
  • What: Somebody gets heatstroke
  • Who: Obama and Trump
  • Where: Lost at sea
  • What: A wedding
  • Who: Three hippies
  • Where: 80s lounge bar
  • What: Drug exploration
  • Who: Neil the Space Bunny
  • Where: Empty plains between dimensions
  • What: Dicovers the meaning of life
  • Who: Steven Hawking
  • Where: Marineland
  • What: Death by meatball sub
  • Who: 2 twelve year old girls
  • Where:  The Eaton Center
  • What: Justin Beiber makes an appearance
  • Who: Two serial killers
  • Where: In a stopped elevator
  • What: They must interact
  • Who: Michael Jackson and Nelson Mandela
  • Where: In heaven
  • What: Having a deep conversation about our dumb generation
  • Who: Hero and villain
  • Where: A bar
  • What: Having a drunk conversation
  • Who: Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton
  • Where: Mount Everest
  • What: Must involve the world ending

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